It’s messy, unpretentious, and everyone has a unique way of tackling it — pizza. It feeds our soul in inexplicable ways and reminds us that we never really grow up.

Mt. Tam is like that as well, grounding us in our very being. It’s where we live. We watch the fog roll over it. Hike it. Bike it. Tackle it in our own individual way. Every time we drive up Miller Avenue there she is, that mountain, reminding us that our workday is over, our errands are done and it’s time to uncork (or shake a cocktail), light the fire and grab a bite to eat. With Mt. Tam on our horizon, we’re never lost.


All of us involved in the building of Tamalpie, in one way or another, have lived with that mountain watching over us. Tamalpie is an extension of our local community: the farmers and ranchers we’ve gotten to know by name; the artisans hand-crafting our tables or wiring our walls; even transforming an ancient, reclaimed hunk of redwood into a massive piece of magic. It’s the people that make this place feel like our home.

We welcome you to take a seat at Tamalpie. Curl up, kick off your shoes, make some noise and grab a bite to eat. Your day may be over or you may be just beginning a new one. With Mt. Tam on the horizon, you’re never lost and our mission is to always make you feel at home.

— The Crew @ Tamalpie



The Difference is in the dough

Our signature dough is made from GMO-free flour imported from Italy. We ferment for 48 hours, meaning our slow rise dough is easier on your belly and your taste buds.



We’re not referring to our dental health here — we mean that the ingredients we use are Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, and Sustainable. That includes wild or Monterey Bay approved fish, free-range poultry, and local, seasonal veggies.